I just tried to explain to my dad how EA has been killing classic game devs for decades through acquisitions and he replied to me "so they're the Mitt Romney of video games?" Ha! It's rather apt. Acquire a studio, exploit it for all its worth, ultimately resulting in its shuttering after the executives have lined… » 3/04/15 8:18pm Wednesday 8:18pm

I am still friends with an ex. Though it's a bit akin to an episode of Seinfeld: we had a mostly mutual breakup, though I doubt anyone will ever believe us! I think she took it harder than I, but she's happily living with a new beau now and we're doing fine platonically. I'm actually kind of shocked I ever had… » 3/03/15 5:11pm Tuesday 5:11pm

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I see no reason to revolutionize the design just for revolution's sake — what honestly could they improve on? We're at a point in the smartphone market where we're running out of room for legitimate innovation, so it makes sense to just refine what already works rather than needlessly… » 3/01/15 5:14pm Sunday 5:14pm