He has a CLEAN CONSCIENCE? Even if he wasjustified in assuming he was in danger, you don't have a clean conscience shooting someone that, in hindsight, you plainly shouldn't have. For fuck's sake, there are veterans of WWII who still cry at the thought that they shot a young German soldier, and their life really was… » 11/25/14 3:13pm Tuesday 3:13pm

Typical rebuttal I get: "But how can you be for equal rights if your label has FEMININE in the name?!?!?!" It's like asking, "how you can be a 'Republican' when the GOP no longer has Republican values?" Anyone who wants to get caught up in the name is deliberately side-stepping the point. It's a run-around, a failure… » 11/25/14 1:45pm Tuesday 1:45pm

It sounds like he's asserting that statutes of limitations should not only be a legal concept, but a moral one as well. Which is technically not defending Bill Cosby, or at least, not his crimes, but rather, defending his perceived right to not be embarrassed years after the fact. Which is ridiculous. Perhaps if he… » 11/23/14 11:30pm Sunday 11:30pm

Been a pretty lousy year for the box office, as it were, so the goal posts are already pretty low. Though even with low goal posts, $123 million is kind of absurd, especially given that this is the weakest reviewed Hunger Games yet. But I don't doubt that Lions Gate expected more money. Pretty much all of Hollywood… » 11/23/14 5:09pm Sunday 5:09pm

Sounds like a pretty awesome prank to me... and we're just butthurt that we weren't let in on it from the beginning. Which is to say, if they made a promo video revealing to the wider internet that it was a prank before it went viral, we'd think it hilarious. Props to KDJ as far as I'm concerned. » 11/22/14 5:50pm Saturday 5:50pm