Sounds like a "There's Something About Mary" scenario, minus all the guys ogling her. There has to be something else going on here — there's a sufficient number of men who aren't intimidated by intelligence. Maybe she's the one being picky? In any case, a dumbing down is no solution, you would only start appealing to… » 8/21/14 5:46pm Yesterday 5:46pm

TF2 is all too similar to TFC to warrant the decade-long development. It also failed to deliver on any sort of ambition. That isn't to say I dislike TF2 — I bought Orange Box and played the hell out of it for years. But it still makes one nostalgic for the days of big promise, the signature of the late 90's. » 8/20/14 6:27pm Wednesday 6:27pm

I really really really hate to defend him, but this indictment may in fact be a tad bit bullshitty, and most certainly political. The DA in question was arrested for being exceptionally drunk while driving, and Perry didn't see fit to fund a DA who wasn't fit to serve in the first place. His motivations were no doubt… » 8/19/14 9:55pm Tuesday 9:55pm

I just watched Radio Days a couple days ago, and he along with many many other radio celebrities from the bygone era that had small guest appearances throughout the film. I was doing some research on it afterwards and surprised to find both that Pardo was someone I actually knew from all these years of SNL, and that… » 8/19/14 8:49pm Tuesday 8:49pm

I'm not terribly familiar with thought catalog and how it all works, but if it ends up putting splash pages in front of hateful content, isn't the system working? And how is thought catalog any different than, say, if I go and write a hateful screed of my own, and post it on Kinja? Can someone fill me in? » 8/19/14 2:13pm Tuesday 2:13pm