It's like saying to someone who got hit by a car, "you shouldn't try crossing the street!" Well, sometimes we need to get to the other side, and in theory this shit shouldn't be happening, and we should be taking measures to ensure it doesn't, not blaming the victims for living their life when it does. » 9/20/14 10:28pm Yesterday 10:28pm

I've recently been undergoing the nightmare that is trying to change the Gmail associated with your account — apparently there is no way, it's set in stone, so the screenname I used as a youth is now the identity associated with everything I do with Google and on Android, sadly. What I learned from this odyssey,… » 9/20/14 10:13pm Yesterday 10:13pm

I've been playing LoL for 3 years now and I have to say, I have inf act seen a downward trend in rage. And when I do see rage, it's less likely to be homophobic or racist, which is rather astonishing given the rest of the gaming world. Now, I still see such things. It's just not as frequent as it used to be. In fact,… » 9/19/14 11:15pm Friday 11:15pm

There's a very popular trend in some corners of the internet where men constantly brag that, "if a woman hits me, I'll hit her back. It's equality!" It always struck me that not hitting back was always the preferred option, regardless of the gender involved. Why certain men feel the need to even consider this… » 9/16/14 7:06pm Tuesday 7:06pm