Been a pretty lousy year for the box office, as it were, so the goal posts are already pretty low. Though even with low goal posts, $123 million is kind of absurd, especially given that this is the weakest reviewed Hunger Games yet. But I don't doubt that Lions Gate expected more money. Pretty much all of Hollywood… » 11/23/14 5:09pm Today 5:09pm

Sounds like a pretty awesome prank to me... and we're just butthurt that we weren't let in on it from the beginning. Which is to say, if they made a promo video revealing to the wider internet that it was a prank before it went viral, we'd think it hilarious. Props to KDJ as far as I'm concerned. » 11/22/14 5:50pm Yesterday 5:50pm

My main point is that it seems like Blizzard (and Bethesda's Battlecry) are aiming for the same market as TF2. I probably should've taken measures to make my original post seem less like a fanboy attack. The 'first impressions' that various outlets have posted of the game leave it with a positive outlook rather than a… » 11/21/14 4:19pm Friday 4:19pm

Oh, Jim Webb. He's a finely principled man. But he doesn't like to campaign, he doesn't like to fundraise, and he sucks at currying political favor. He's the kind of leader we need, but not the kind who can actually win elections. I imagine yes-men are telling him he can flank Clinton from the right (while Bernie… » 11/20/14 4:33pm Thursday 4:33pm

As a citizen of the PC Master Race, that doesn't preclude me from owning a console. I owned a 360 and Wii last gen. This gen, it seems like the PS4 is the better bet, but since it still lacks a sufficient number of unique games to differentiate itself from the PC and justify the $400 investment, I'm still hesitant to… » 11/20/14 3:24pm Thursday 3:24pm

Such positions are often determined by seniority, so it's not like Mia Love, as a freshman, would ever get a chairmanship. So it's nice, I suppose, that the GOP is adding women to their ranks, but it'll take a couple generations of congress for them to mature to leadership positions, assuming they're consistently… » 11/20/14 3:18pm Thursday 3:18pm

I think the robots might've been the best part of the Interstellar fiction. They avoided the stereotypical evil AI, actually made it a bit more pragmatic with 'humor' percentages and designed their bodies to be physically functional instead of a human mimic. It was so very cool to see one of them run. » 11/20/14 1:48pm Thursday 1:48pm